The treatment of anxiety

Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial for the treatment of anxiety. While anxiety has several ways in which it can present itself, ranging from excessive worrying, negative thought patterns, and fear to panic attacks and feeling out of control, the use of hypnotherapy can get deeper into the subconscious mind that conventional talk therapy. However, it is imperative to know that anxiety typically has several areas that should be addressed over a series of sessions to help a client feel more in control of their anxiety. I cannot stress enough that this is a process. In addition, there may be times that we will recommend that this work be done in conjunction with psychotherapy or other related licensed practitioner work.

While anxiety can be incredibly uncomfortable, it is also a natural reaction. Hence, the fight or flight response. Clients looking to eliminate completely, or never feel anxiety again will find that they are setting up a false expectation in our work together. This is something that can be address to feel more comfortable too. What our work together will include is the following:

Within the first session we will spend time discussing the presenting issue. When it started, how long it has been going on for, and other pertinent details of your specific case. We will also discuss what hypnosis is and what it is not, how it works, and why it works through an informative description of the conscious verse subconscious mind. We will set up goals and specific actions to focus on each session. In addition, we will do two inductions into the hypnotic state. The first one being about 5 minutes to acclimate your mind to the state and alleviate any anxiety about going into hypnosis. The second time will be a longer session to lay the foundation and some preliminary hypnotic suggestions for what relaxation and control will feel like.

·      Additional sessions we may work on one of the following areas:

o   Understanding the energy and low action potential of an anxious state and how to shift that

o   How to begin working the mental muscle to reframe negative thoughts

o   Addressing fear and what it really is

o   Getting to know your anxious self (what they are trying to do for you, but poorly communicating)

o   Desensitization of subconscious triggers

o   Building confidence and self-esteem

o   Understanding risk taking and how to get there more easily

o   Understanding past coping mechanisms that no longer work for you

o   Learning how to tolerate painful emotions

o   Confronting anxiety in an appropriate manner

o   Creating new and more powerful rules to live by rather than living within the “what I should be like”

o   Creating a better relationship with yourself.


While we believe strongly that our bilateral approach to anxiety is empowering to the clients who use it, hypnosis is not a finite tool nor magic bullet. There is work to be done both in and outside of sessions. Clients who are ready to work and commit to the process do find the work to be incredibly empowering.


Clients are not required to be in session once a week. However, we do find that the first few sessions should be booked within a week to ten days of each other to get the process rolling.