What is Time: A Self-Sabotaging Theory

Written by Alexandra Janelli, Certified Hypnotherapist

If you asked a physicist what time is, they would begrudgingly respond that they truly have no idea what time is, or why it even exists. Some of the greatest minds in the world might have theories. However, they will undoubtably admit that they haven't quite figured out why it exists. 

But what if you could make the following assumptions about time:

  1. Time is the distance between cause & effect
  2. Time is the separation between action & reaction
  3. Time is the space between activity & repercussion (example: divide between crime and consequence)

This theory assumes that time has to do with reactivity to stimuli and any behavior we react to can....AND SHOULD....elicit a response in the form of a consquence or reward. Typically, we as humans tend to want the reward right away. Leading to robotic, impulsive, and strategically calculated behaviors all to get the immediate satisfaction. However, sometimes the gap between the action/reward can be too prolonged therefore, inhibiting us in making a better choice or a mindful choice.

When we become programed to react in a behavioral way that is robotic in order to gain a response (positive or negative) we lack any form of consciousness or mindfulness. We lack the ability to really assess and reassess our actions in order to promote healthier ways of coping with the present. In fact, our old coping tools become obsolete and yet we have no idea how to change them! Thus, we have become a society plagued with anxiety. In other words, we have become a society plagued with short-term reward seeking in order to help us feel fulfillment immediately. 

But this doesn't work very well in the long run. Short-term quick fixes, do not lead to long-term solutions and our souls desire for a more peaceful life remains untended to and needy. Our anxiety becomes a sign that we are constantly worrying about tomorrow in order to avoid what we are not doing TODAY! 

Being present has become a more and more popular topic along side mindfulness and consciousness. We as a society have become more and more aware that immediate and impulsive reactiveness does not equate to long term happiness. For example, the short term satisfaction of buying a new toy does not mean you will love it forever. Truly, your love of it will fade and its reward becomes obsolete. In fact, the fast track of change usually does not value the development of concrete tools and skills that can help us face the challenges and noise that will constantly surround us in our daily lives. Sometimes the slower the development the more advanced we can become. However, this is not the typical view on life as WE WANT IT NOW syndrome rules our minds. 

Take for example the comparison of a human baby and a calf. Upon being born a baby is without any tools for survival. The calf, however, is walking within the hour. If an alien landed on earth with no knowledge of either species, it may come to the conclusion that the calf was a more advanced species based on its faster developmental abilities. In the face of a fire, the calf would more more apt and capable to survival than a baby. However, over TIME, a baby will become the more advanced of the species. Thus the theory becomes:

What takes longer to develop is less advanced


If we as a society can begin to learn to be more tolerant of the idea of time, as it pertains to actions and rewards, we will begin to see how our consciousness and mindfulness can begin to develop. Allowing us to become a more advanced and better version of ourselves. 

Step back from your life and begin to question TIME and your assumptions you make around it. Does the short-term gain always seem to outweigh the thought or actualization of the long-term benefits? Are you acting impulsively and robotically? What is the bigger picture that you are not seeing in a moment that you are acting impulsively. What are you avoiding dealing with that truly NEEDS that immediate satisfaction?

Remember: a robot lacks consciousness and freewill. If you had the ability to step back from emotions, stress, and consuming thoughts and were give a CHOICE and the ability to exercise freewill, and tap into your intuition.......What would you do with or without the presence of TIME. 

In present day: its not survival of the fittest, but those willing to adapt their way of life to gain great things between the action and the reward. 


theories and information from: The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg