Hypnosis and Mediumship: Different Professions with the Same Desired State


is defined as the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings. While no evidence has been accepted by the scientific community in support of the view that there has been communication between the living and the dead, some parapsychologists say that some of their research suggests that such communication may have taken place.


As a hypnotherapist I have been trained to lead sessions in past life regression, and on more than one occasion have been asked whether I personally believe if these visualizations are actualized past lives or just the minds way of explaining underlying emotions. Certainly, everyone has heard ghost stories, experienced strange bumps in the nights, or chills when entering a room. There have been many movies such as Ghost and the Sixth Sense which outline the connection between the living and the spirit world. But the question of how does this bridge between the two worlds become created. While I have struggled with answering these questions myself, I was given some relatively interesting insight while meeting with a Medium who explained a bit more about her skill and studies about her talent.

During my training as a Hypnotherapist my curiosity has always lead me down the science based path in explaining the theories that explain the hypnotic state. Thus, when a client enters into a deep state of hypnosis their brainwave activity exhibits theta waves. However, what was pointed out to me recently, by a medium, is that when she enters into her medium-state,  opening her connection to the spirit world, this is also the theta state.

Clients when they enter into hypnosis will move through three stages, where the deepest one is the theta state and can be characterized by the eyes rolling backward as if they were looking out of the minds third eye, located in the center of your forehead.

For both Mediums and Hypnotists reaching the theta state is the ultimate goal. However, mediums desire this state for communication with the spirit world, while hypnotists seek it for creating changes in behaviors in their clients.

While working with this Medium, she had asked me specifically to help her go in and out of the theta state easily so she could relay information to her clients and then go back to theta state. While in the theta state, clients express having feelings of lightness, floating, and a disassociation from their body. Focus becomes very clear to the task at hand, and visualizations, sensations, and auditory perceptions can become increasingly heightened. For the purpose of hypnosis, I use this state to describe the end results/goals that a client wants. I have them feel what it will be like, see what it will look like, hear what it will sound like, so they can create a road map to where they are going. Thereby, bringing forward new behaviors and patterns when awakened from the hypnotic state. While working with the Medium, I utilized the power of her breath to draw her up from level to level. That each breath in she took, it was as if she was drawing herself higher toward connecting with the spirit world. As she felt her body relaxing, and her thoughts disassociating from her body, we began to elevate her awareness out of her body allowing it to lift up towards this high energy level out of her minds third eye. From there it was all about having her just listen and watch. In order to have her be able to go in and out of the theta state, she would simply count down from 5-0. Zero would be her trigger to go deep into the theta state. To rely information she would simply tell herself open your eyes and convey the message. To go back into the state it was 5-0 count down. To shut the door to the spiritual world it was as simple as counting herself back from 0-5. At 5 her eyes were open and wide awake with no connection to the spiritual world.

While there is no direct explanation for whether the theta state can be used as a gateway to connecting with the spirit world, I certainly do know it can be used to create positive changes in my clients lives. Changes that they want. I also can attest to the fact (from having talked with many of my clients after their session who have entered the theta state) that while in this deep state, they are able more apt to listening to their inner guides. Or as some have described it, their spiritual guides, or even their gut/intuition. While I have no scientific evidence to provide for backing up past life regression, I do find that many clients come out of their travels with a sense of relief, direction, and purpose. It’s as if they come forward into their currently life understanding the reasons for a unwanted behavior that no longer serves a purpose in their life. For Mediumship, this state can be used to listen, observe, and feel the sixth sense that many believe we have been given since birth, but have just been taught to deafen. By opening up our minds third eye in this state we can begin to create a new connection to the past lives of those we have lost, or simply to just create the changes that we want that we having been blocking.