An at home weight loss program available for purchase that helps you lose weight on a deeper, more powerful level by simply breathing, listening, and changing.

 A subconscious reprogramming that helps you lose the weight you have struggled with for years.  

Hypnotherapist, Alexandra Janelli has released her Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program that utilizes the power of the mind over body technique to help clients create the changes they want in their lives.  By harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, weight loss is as easy as:

Breathe. Listen. Change.

Having worked with numerous clients on weight loss issues from sugar cravings and binge eating to portion control and virtual Shrinking Stomachs, Alexandra has helped her clients gain control of food and change the subconscious associations clients have about food. Through her extensive research and work with clients, Alexandra has developed her 6 session Weight Loss Hypnosis Program that allows clients to create the changes they want from the comfort of their own homes.

Attaining a healthy lifestyle has never been easier on the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program. Each session allows you to harness the power of your subconscious mind, helping you lose weight, curb cravings and gain control of your relationship with food.  As stress and resistance fade, unwanted body fat will be released and your energy and metabolism will increase.

This dynamic program helps clients:

  • Building a Foundation for a new healthy body and lifestyle
  • Decreasing resistance to working out
  • Evolving to a smaller stomach capacity to prevent over eating
  • Thinking thin by resetting the internal image of their body
  • Eliminating their suggestibility toward past negative experiences
  • Providing motivation for continued success so efforts feel ingrained and not fragile

While working with several clients on this program, including myself (I lost a total of 24lbs), I found there were a notable reoccurring themes that formed the basis of a successful weight loss program. This is how the foundation of the Weight Loss Hypnosis program was born. Since not everyone lives in New York City, I wanted to be able to share this ability to attain a healthy weight with the world through a hypnosis program that is representative of the success I have had in my private practice.

Hypnosis works by creating new associations within the subconscious, which accounts for 88% of our minds. Our subconscious is purely reactive and has no logic, reason, or willpower- that’s in the 12% of our conscious minds. These associations we make about food, our weight, how we look, and stomach capacity become locked in as knowns. Breaking these old habits and associations with willpower alone is fighting 12% verse 88%. Hypnosis helps to understand the subconscious associations and then change them. Putting you in control by creating a roadmap to success, rather than driving in the dark toward what might be.

You can learn more about the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy program by visiting: www.BreatheListenChange.com.

The Program is available for purchase on ThetaSpring.com/Products