Athletes are known for their drive, dedication, confidence, and love of the game. They dedicate hours to perfecting every detail of it. But what happens when you lose your confidence with a repeated sense of failure and loss. Once the subconscious mind registers these feelings of failure as something that could or will repeatedly happen, they can be extremely hard to shake before you step into the sports arena. Before each jump, shot, swing, punch, or test of your abilities you may psyche yourself out wondering will I do it right? What if I miss? What if I lose? All these negative emotions flood in causing a break in your concentration and wavering of your confidence. With each breakdown in your confidence and concentration you hinder your ability to move forward in turning each loss into a learning experience. What hypnosis helps athletes do is to practice subconsciously the perfect game. It works to increase your confidence and motivation. That each mis-step in the practice of sports is simply a learning experience that will motivate you to work harder and get better and better. By letting your subconscious aid you in the perfect game, instead of having it break your confidence, there is only room for exponential growth.