Understanding Your Sleep Issue

Cell phones, busy schedules, and stress have become constant reminders to our subconscious that getting a good night sleep comes second to be “on top of things”. At night when you lay in bed you might find that falling a sleep and staying asleep can become an increasingly daunting task. Disconnecting from the day, week, month, or even the year can leave us feeling helpless in our search for a good night sleep.

As a hypnotherapist, I always ask my clients whether they are having issues sleeping, and 9/10 times the answer is YES.  The important thing for me to find out though, isn’t whether they are having sleep issues, but at what time of the night these issues are occur. Below is a description of the sleep issues that can be encountered and how these areas can be indicators or insight into why the sleep issues are happening.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Clients who come in stating that they have issues falling asleep tend to have a hard time digesting what has happened that day. This period of the sleep cycle is about letting go of, and processing, the things that have happened that day.

For many people, their schedules are so full of tasks, emotions, stress, and being accountable to their emails, cell phones, and work that disassociating from the day can sometimes be virtually impossible. The thoughts of what happened that dat consume our mind, lead us to worry about what we might have forgotten to do, or if there is just one more email or call we need to check before we sign off and head to dreamland. Whats worse, is that after days and weeks of become tied finger to fist to our cell phones and computers, we have create a subconscious association that we need to be connected at all times. Thereby, stating to our subconscious that disconnecting to sleep (a time when you can recharge your batter) would simply be unadvisable.

Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

The middle of the sleeping period is typically tied with future thinking and thoughts. Those clients that come in stating that they are waking up in the middle of the night typically are having blockages, worry, or fear about something that is happening, going to happen, or could happen in the distant or near future. One common example, although not directly related to sleep issues as it pertains to this article, is when you have to be up early for a flight or to be somewhere at an unusually early hour. You may find that you wake up constantly throughout the night wondering if you had missed your wakeup call. That is your subconscious kicking in and worrying about the future.

Early Morning Dreaming Period

The early morning period tends to deal with you refusing to digest and vent out the issues that you are dealing with on a subconscious level. When people talk about the dreams that they had during the night, they are typically referring to this period of the sleep cycle. As hypnotherapist, this stage of dreaming can be very helpful in seeing what the client is currently venting out, or subconscious working through. For clients who find they wake up very early and have a hard time going back to bed, they may find that they are refusing to move past certain things in their life, and may even at times, become overwhelmed with the feelings of being stuck.

Moving forward to getting a better night sleep starts by identifying which time of the night you are having problems sleep. If its falling asleep, you need to start to think of ways to disconnect from the day. If its the middle of the night, you need to begin to identify the things in the future that are eliciting this unwanted response of not being able to fall back asleep. If its the early morning dreaming period, begin to ask yourself what issues you may be sweeping under the carpet and not dealing with. Because the early morning venting dreaming period is like a jigsaw puzzle. Once you have put all the pieces together (moved past and vented out the emotions) you can then pack up the puzzle and put them away. Thereby, moving on with your life feeling unsuggestible to the negative emotions they had once brewed in your subconscious.