A Wearable that Tracks Breathing and Induces Mindfulness, Focus & Calmness

At Theta Spring we are always looking for ways to help clients be more mindful of their relaxation, breathing, and patterns. We were inspired with this new product! 

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We think this is a great tool for any client, and especially our anxious ones! 

This is Spire. By measuring your breathing patterns throughout the day, it can notify you when you're tense, guide you to greater calm, and help you discover what makes you focused.

Each week, Spire eliminates over a 1 million moments of tension. Our customers report that Spire reduces fatigue and headaches, increases calm and productivity and enables a healthier and more mindful day.

Based on 7 years of research into the Science of Breath.

Studies have shown how simply controlling our breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce tension and increase endorphins. Spire measures respiratory patterns to detect subtle changes in your state of mind and then guides you to regain calm and focus.

Spire is the first wearable that actually measure something relevant to my wellbeing rather than just my activity.

All day tracking
Continuously measures inhalation & exhalation times, breath rate, deep breaths, apneaic events, steps and calories. Analyzes breathing patterns to infer state of mind (tense, calm, focus).