Confidence? Yes, please!


here is nothing worse than having lost your sense of confidence. Having your internal voice telling you that you aren’t reaching your potential. Or hearing everyone tell you how great you are and all you can think is how you aren’t. Every turn on your path of life seems like a failure, and despite your best efforts to succeed you feel like you are aiming too high and completely missing the mark. These self-deprecating thoughts can cause someone to lose all stamina. Once that stamina is lost, it can adversely affect all areas of your life. You risk the idea of becoming a self fulfilling prophesy of doubt, which can spiral out of control when your subconscious becomes overly preoccupied with all the negative aspects of your life. But what if you could gain back your confidence? Life is about creating goals and new pathways. It is about taking your so-called “failed attempts” and turning them into learning experiences. By creating a melting pot of learning experiences we gain depth and knowledge. Surely, the road of life can be a bit bumpy at times, but if we never challenged our mind, wits, and confidence, life would be boring and we would simply be complacent. Complacent is a safe place when you aren’t looking to gain new perspectives and knowledge.

But how does one get out of the state of complacency? Despite the strong urge to try something new, our subconscious mind hates the idea of change. We are creatures of habit and want to stay in a state of homeostasis. Our subconscious mind screams “I don’t want to change!” while our conscious mind spends hours trying to convince it that it does. With your subconscious out weighing your conscious mind 90% to 10%, creating change seems virtually impossible. Through hypnosis we can realign you conscious desire with your subconscious motivations. Thereby, putting you back in control of how you want to feel, and giving you confidence to step outside your comfort zone. When you can take baby steps you can learn to run. Each step forward on the path to success and obtaining your goals will help you gain confidence that will last a lifetime.