The Scale that Never Moves


Ever been on a diet, working out, eating healthy and kept going back to the same weight on the scale? You’re not alone… This same weight syndrome is called your subconscious set point!

[subconscious set point]

the weight that your subconscious identifies with as being comfortable and known. It locks onto this weight because it can associate this weight with some stage in life that makes it feel comfortable.  This set point is dictated directly by experience and its reaction to those experiences. Your subconscious set point lacks reason and willpower to change.

Your subconscious set point is engrained within you, and simply going on a diet (which is a conscious decision) isn’t going to be enough to convince it unlock itself. This set point is dead-set on staying the same, even though it may lose the weight temporarily. However, typically clients always find they go back to that weight again, if not heavier.

So why is our subconscious so stubborn and resistant to losing weight? Below is a list of examples that may explain why you are holding onto weight that just wont come off:

Deflection & Protection

Extra weight can protect you. Or at least, that’s how your mind sees it. Some people may have experienced a very traumatic experience within a relationship or with an individual that has left the subconscious mind with negative feelings about attention being put on them. By having the extra weight, they are able to deflect attention away, thereby protecting their emotions and body.

Genetics & predisposition

When you have grown up in a family that is predominantly overweight many times a person will create the subconscious association that they too are predisposition to be overweight as well. That they too must conform to this visual of what their family is like. In addition, if a child grows up constantly being overweight or struggling with their weight, they will constantly identify with being an overweight individual and have a hard time breaking free of that identity, despite knowing they consciously want to change.


On the contrary, some people feel that extra weight can provide them with added prominence in a room. Thereby, providing them with extra attention they may not have had when they were of a smaller stature. This new presence in a room becomes pleasing to the subconscious mind.

While there are a variety of reasons that a person can hold onto weight, the bottom line is that when you have made a decision to lose weight, nothing can be more frustrating than putting forth all of your best effort and not feeling the benefits of your actions.

Change your subconscious set point.

Lose the weight successfully and sustainably.

Identify with a new you

When you can begin to think thin, and get in touch with your future you, you can let go of your old habits. How you are now is not how you have to be forever. When you reset your subconscious set point, it sends a signal to your body alerting each cell to release the weight. Your body can begin to rebalance and realign to that of a lighter, healthier, and more energize person.

Without recalibrating to the new weight you achieve, your subconscious still stays thinking about the old weight. Maybe even though you have lost the weight, you still look in the mirror and see the old heavier you. Maybe you still buy bigger clothes in anticipation of gaining the weight back. This is you not moving forward and letting go of the old you.

These past experiences and preconceived notions can be put into perspective. You can learn from them. Thank them for the purpose they served at the time. But now, you are choosing to move forward without them.  You are choosing to creating new associations about this new you, a new weight, and how it will be, look, and feel. Reset to your goals.

For Those Located in NYC:

In session work with the Hypnotherapy Program incorporates the Past Perspectives Session.  This session deals with creating a fresh start on your path to healthy living. Let go of past experiences, perspectives, and habits that have caused you to retain unwanted weight. Unblock yourself from moving forward to meeting your goals.

For Those Located Outside of the NYC Area:

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