Physical Pain demands to be felt & emotional pain begs to be forgotten. Actual verse Perceived Emotional Pain.

Pain. We have all felt physical pain before in our bodies. For example, when you cut your finger our mind sends signals throughout the body that allow us to experience an actual physical pain- an alert from the body that something is wrong. But what happens when you look down at your finger and see the blood coming out of your finger. The body then begins to send additional “perceived pain” signals to the conscious part of our mind that can intensify the point of bother. This perceived pain can result in panic, worry, and even irrational thinking. It can kick in our fight or flight response.  This perceived pain can take an actual pain from a 5 to a 6, 7, 8 or even higher on a scale of 1-10. The more we “think” about the pain, the greater it gets. The same thing happens when we experience emotional pains such as anxiety, worry, or even stress. The more that we begin to think about it, the stronger it becomes. Yet, all we want to do is turn off those emotions. Bury them so they don’t have to be felt or tended to. We begin to feel out of control, because we aren’t sure how to control the anxious feelings that are rushing through our body.


But how much of anxiety is mental verse physical. Imagine for a moment you are laying in bed trying to sleep when your mind begins to race about all the things that happened during the day. All the emotions that you experienced, things people said that upset you, aggravated you, offended you, and made you feel out of your element. Then you begin to follow those emotions down the rabbit hole, imagining and playing out each and every worst-case scenario that could or might happen. Our mind is incredibly powerful and has a wonderful imagination. In these moments of high anxiety our imaginary mind plays tricks on us. Our mind cant emotionally tell the difference between reality and actuality. We experience the physical feelings of worry. Tight chest, increase heart rate, sweating, and tension. What was simply a thought (even a negative one) all of a sudden is coupled with an emotion. An imaginary trigger that can elicit a visceral response. (To experience this in a neutral way please visit the lemon experience by CLICKING HERE. These visualizations are not truly happening, but the mind is connecting them with a physical experience. It’s as if to the mind they are true.


But thoughts are just thoughts. However, what happens is that our subconscious mind remembers past experiences in which similar emotions, experiences, or situations occurred. In order to make the future, which is unknown to the mind, more comfortable it borrows past experiences from the mind and places them on the future. That way our mind knows how to prepare for these worse-case scenarios. Beneficial? Certainly! However, there is a point in which our preparing brings us so out of the moment. It removes us from the present where our future is truly created and leads us to living in fear, rather than trusting ourselves that whatever happens we will be ok. The more we worry, the more we lose ourselves and the more we move out of the confident zone of trusting that we have lived and learned and will always have the power to deductively reason, rationalize, and figure out how to solve any of life twists and turns.  The traumas in life that we experience typically cant be prepared for. Moreover, the fastest way out of any situation is right through it.


So what if you could begin to imagine having a sense of confidence and sense of self that no matter what you will figure it out. A moment to pause and think without each thought being tied to an intense and painful emotion. Life is a series of experience to learn and grow. In the words of Mr.Bruce D. Schneider, there is no good. There is no bad. There is only experiences that we go through. In other words: opportunities to grow and learn about ourselves. When you can let go of control for just a moment to open up to what you don’t know, you open up a whole world of personal growth. Because even in the face of what you don’t know, you will always have the truth of “you will figure it out” because you know how to learn. Your power to learn will help you immensely. So in the face of anxiety, take a moment to Stop and Pause! Thoughts are just thoughts. Experiences just experiences. The fastest way out of them is right through them.


Imagine for a moment standing in front of a door. You have no idea what is on the other side of the door. It could be a dangerous and man-eating lion. It could be a bottomless pit of death and despair. It could even be a brand new car, like you see on game shows! But the fact is that you don’t know. You can stand in front of the door worrying and thinking of each scenario and how it will play out. What you will do. How you will act and then counter act. Or you can just open the door and jump into the experience knowing whatever happens you will be ok. Learn through experiences.


By having an awareness of how imaginative your mind can be to produce these inhibiting thoughts, you will have the ability to say “STOP” and come back to yourself. Thoughts are just thoughts, and when you change the way you think you can change the way you feel. And, wouldn’t it be nice to feel less anxious and more confident?


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Its time to stop worrying and start living. Take control of your Mind Over Your Body! Open the door to your life and live through experiences.