Starting a Relax-ationship

[Stress & Relaxation]
two emotions that can not co-exist.

a word that carries a negative connotation, but something that we need relative  amounts of to function at our peak performance.

 a feeling that is relative to stress, and measureable through lack thereof.

Having worked with a number of clients on stress related issues, what I realized was how many clients don’t know how to relax.  Everyone’s idea of relaxation is different. For some, relaxation means taking a long jog, while for others it’s lying on the beach. Whatever your idea of relaxation is, committing to a relaxationship with yourself can be a difficult thing.

Like dating, we need to be ready to relax. Forcing relaxation is as useless as trying to make water boil by blowing on it. So how does one commit to such a relaxationship?

Use these following questions to begin to outline your motivations:

      1.     How is stress negatively affected your life?

2.     How will being in a relaxationship benefit you?

3.     How will your life be better if you allowed yourself to be in a relaxationship?


Once you have outline the above points you can begin to outline the perfect venue for your relaxationship to meet. To manifest your idea of relaxation you can use the following questions below to help:

1.     How does your body feel when its relaxed?
2.     Is there a smell that reminds you of relaxation?
3.     If you closed your eyes and thought of a calming relaxing place, where would your mind take you?
              a.     Is it inside or outside?

b.     Night or day?

c.      Hot or cold?

4.     Are you alone or with people?
5.     What sounds can you hear that relax your mind?


Committing to your new relaxationship can be difficult, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Here are a few tips to help you with understanding your relaxationship:

  • Relaxation doesn’t have to mean being in a quiet room alone
  • Sometimes just taking a moment to process the day and your thoughts can lead you to feel relaxed
  • Deep breathing elicits a physical change in response from your body that can allow you to relax when you mentally cant bring yourself to a relaxed state
  • Try to use visualizations of what it was like on a vacation you went on when you were able to feel relaxed
  • Go to the gym. Sometime physical exertion can be a persons form of relaxation
  • If watching a TV show allows you to disconnect from the day and that means relaxation do that!
  • ·      Dive into a book and allow it to take you to a different place


Relaxationships are a process and can take time to build. It’s a learning curve for learning about what you like and don’t like. Things that work and don’t work.  But I promise, when you find the right relaxationship its life changing. Don’t you deserve a little relaxation in your life?


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