What Do Nail Biting, Foot Tapping, Teeth Grinding Have in Common

We are humans, but we are also animals. And as animals we are innately built with the fight or flight response. However, when we don't enable these responses, stress presents itself in various parts of the body that can help us understand on a deep subconscious level what is going on. This gives us the ability to have a new awareness and line of questioning for ourselves in order to determine what might be the cause of our bad habits. 

We call trapped stress in the body that presents itself through things like finger picking and nail biting, teeth grinding and clenching, foot tapping, upset stomach, and even scratching as “body syndrome”. Please note, we call these body syndromes assuming they do not have a medical etiology or reason for being.  Each body syndrome helps is directly correlated to a feeling or struggle that individual is experiencing. A description of the various body syndromes is described below:


Arms and Hands
Reaching or fighting for the unobtainable.  Tends to be tied to control and/or perfectionism/fear of failure.

Legs and Feet
Trying to escape or run away from an issue.

Stomach and Lower Back
Guilt, worry, and sometimes even sexual frustration.

Head down to sternum
Called the Crying Syndrome, this syndrome has to do with persons who are having a hard time making decisions or expressing their emotions.

Too much responsibility, and at times not wanting it.

If the tension is on the right side of the body, it deals with logic and finance, while the left side has to do with creativity and relationships.

By peaking your curiosity in where you stress is presenting yourself you can begin to ask a whole new series of questions to your mind of what is going on right now that might make me feel that I am not in control (nail biting), or what is it that I am not expressing to someone (lip picking), or what decision am I not making in the moment that could help me feel calmer (teeth grinding/clenching). 

Your body is sending out a signal to you. If you can listen you can begin to turn the alarm off and tend to the part of you that is in need. Through your conscious awareness and knowledge you can begin the process of change. 

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