Your CHILD doesn't know how to cope with stress because they never learned how to. Did you?

learning good coping tools must start early.

I recently worked with a child suffering from debilitating anxiety. The child became so blocked in her life that simple tasks became panic-ridden. Self-doubt, social phobia, and a lack of self -confidence were affecting her personal and academic life.  School became incredibly difficult and the child’s parents felt they had failed their child.

I was flabbergasted at the incredible pressure placed on children so young.  I relayed my concern to a teacher friend who confirmed the academic pressures on today’s children. 

Build a foundation for your childs success

Building a foundation for your children is imperative. As parents you strive to do anything within your power to promote your child’s health, wellbeing, success and happiness. Helping your children in their early stages of educational development with tools that can help them combat anxiety, stress, worry, and pressure is of the utmost importance if they are going to triumph in the competitive world. This foundation can put your children in control of helping themselves, increase their focus and productivity, and allow them to sleep soundly at night. While being prepared for an exam can help you get that A, what if it comes at the expense of days of procrastination and loss of sleep because they were up all night cramming. Building good study habits and management of time can help them do what needs to be done, even when it’s not that fun


Guided Imaginative re-framing

At Theta Spring Hypnosis we believe every child has the ability to shoot for the moon and achieve great things! Confidence in themselves starts with positive feelings and support from within. Theta Spring hypnosis is here to help teach your child the tools, techniques, and skills that can help move them through the challenges ahead.

While children spend countless hours in school learning, nothing is as valuable as the power of a clear, calm, and in control mind. Learning to navigate through situations with ease can be one of the greatest strengths a child can gain. However, these tools are typically not taught in school. 

Theta Spring has developed a unique approach designed specifically for children.  Since children have not fully developed their deductive reasoning and logic, the subconscious mind is more readily available for imaginative re-framing, allowing children to gain new insightful perspectives to help them advance in their personal lives, in their friendships and in their school. Working with children can be a very pleasurable and fun experience for the child and the practitioner! 

Guided Imaginative Re-Framing is Theta Spring’s technique for working with children in the hypnotic state. When children are in the hypnotic state, they are very aware of everything that is going on and never under the control of the practitioner. At Theta Spring, we welcome parents to stay in the room for the hypnosis portion of the session, should they prefer. 


To learn more about what to expect in a session follow this link to learn more!

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