10 fascinating facts about hypnosis

By WholeScience

Recently, Professor Speigel of Stanford University made headlines by stating “It is time for hypnosis to work its way into the mainstream of British medicine”. The research into hypnosis is still in its infancy, however there has been enough studies, both in the lab and in the thousands of therapeutic case studies, to warrant further exploration into this mystifying state of consciousness. Altering the mind by use of hypnotic suggestion has been widely used in therapeutic settings, but this practice is now beginning to be investigated by mainstream medicine. We’ve given you just a small selection of the fascinating things that have been achieved through the use of hypnosis…  

 Hypnosis has been shown to:

1. Help you lose weight Woman sheds four stone with ‘imaginary gastric band’
2. Modulate pain symptoms Mount Sinai school of medicine ‘Hypnosis ‘eases cancer op pain’
3. Reduce dermatologic inflammation PD Shenefelt ‘Hypnosis in Dermatology’
4. Distort perception of time Time Distortion in Hypnosis: An experimental and clinical investigation
5. Facilitates healing ‘Surgical wounds mend faster’ – University of Harvard
6. Releases irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Withington Hospital, Manchester -Hypnotherapy works for bowel pain
7. Improves success of IVF treatment Soroka University- ‘Hypnosis doubles IVF success’
8. Induce Synthesthesia University College London- Hypnosis lets people see numbers as colours

9. Increase ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) Etzel Cardena, Anomalous Experiences and Hypnosis
10. Relieve stress Hypnosis may help anxious teens -