Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Making the Most of 2015

Written By Carol Wasserman of


5. Just eat. Stop watching TV, reading, using your computer or chatting on the phone while you eat. Studies show you eat less and feel more satisfied when you concentrate on "just eating". If your brain is focused on the television, it’s not going to hear your stomach say, “Stop, I’m full!”

4. Make vegetables habit forming. Work towards this goal by including vegetables with every meal. Sliced avocado or sautéed spinach is great at breakfast. Lunch think vegetable soup or salad, dinner bake a sweet potato or steam your favorite green (broccoli, string beans, or asparagus - for example).

3. Drink more water, and tea! If you forget to drink between meals, write yourself a note or carry a water bottle. Often when we think we are hungry, it’s just thirst. Trying drinking water, or tea, before reaching for that afternoon snack.

2. Forgive yourself. Having a handful of chocolates or a cupcake (or two, or three...) will not ruin you or your weight loss goals. Get back on track. Make your next meal healthy. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Lasting change takes time, patience, love, and forgiveness. 

1. Cook. Take an hour or two on the weekend and make something yummy you can enjoy during the week. This time of year I like to make soup and stews with lots of beans and veggies. Find my super quick and easy recipe for Kale and White Bean Winter Stew on my blog: