Detox Support Hypnotherapy Program (USB Drive)

Detox Support Hypnotherapy Program (USB Drive)


More Joy. Abetter You. Your Detox Made Easier.

This program has been formulated for use with the Burn and Build Body 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit.

This program can be loaded into your smart phone, computer, or table in order to have support anytime you need it. The recordings include:

  1. Committing to Me
    This recording helps you sign your subconscious commitment to your goals and future while programs your mind with an "I Can" attitude. 

  2. Fearless Strength
    Taps into your subconscious motivations, helping you understand and let go of any irrational fears behind committing and achieving your goals.

  3. Stronger than a Craving
    refocuses your mind away from a craving to back on track with your successful journey to health, confidence, and joy. This recording allows a craving to pass as you focus on you. 

  4. Sustaining Synergy
    Combines the synergistic powers of your mind and body to drive you forward toward sustainable results that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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