Increasing your productivity in the work place begins with a clear mind and relaxed body. When stress is introduced into the mix it can inhibit the execution of tasks and work productivity, thereby clouding our ability to make good decisions or be proactive in a reactive environment. But what if you could be in control of stress and be someone who is in control and “response-able” so that you can work efficiently in order to meet and exceed your work goals?

Through conscious awareness comes the dynamic ability to self-manage. However, this consciousness can only take you so far. What it you could tap into a much deeper source of motivation and positive change that could enable you from not only capable, but exceptional!

Theta Spring Hypnosis has worked with many corporate businessmen and women like yourself helping them to excel in their productivity and functionality within their working environment. By tapping into the subconscious, which accounts for approximately 90% of your mind, changes can happen quickly and effectively.

The Program includes the following recordings:

1. Positive Thinking
2. No Such Thing As Failure
3. Fearless
4. Think Bravely & Take Risks
5. Focus
6. Power Over Procrastination
7. Door of Decision & Opportunities
8. I Can Mentality
9. Calm Place

BONUS: all programs come with the 5 Minute Technique


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