Setting kids up for success


Theta Spring has developed a unique approach designed specifically for children.  Since children have not fully developed their deductive reasoning and logic, the subconscious mind is more readily available for imaginative re-framing, allowing children to gain new insightful perspectives to help them advance in their personal lives, in their friendships and in their school. Working with children can be a very pleasurable and fun experience for the child and the practitioner! 

Guided Imaginative Re-Framing is Theta Spring’s technique for working with children in the hypnotic state. When children are in the hypnotic state, they are very aware of everything that is going on and never under the control of the practitioner. At Theta Spring, we welcome parents to stay in the room for the hypnosis portion of the session, should they prefer.  Guided Imaginative Re-Framing can help children in the following areas:

  • Confidence building
  • Fears & Phobias Control
  • Anxiety & Stress reduction
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Exam and Test anxiety Tools
  • Bedwetting

There are many applications for Guided Imaginative Reframing. Contact us to see if it might be right for your child today!

What age can we work with

While many practitioners might work with very young children, Theta Spring works with children starting at the age of 7. 

Our Office space

Theta Spring operates out of the prestigious Longevity Health, which is  a mindful, quiet, wellness center.  Longevity requests you observe the zone of the waiting room prior to your appointment.  Theta Spring has custom decorated our space to feel warm and inviting as if you were in our living room enjoying a casual chat. We aim to make your experience feel as spa-like and comfortable as possible. 

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