Help your child shoot for the moon and achieve it!

At Theta Spring Hypnosis we believe every child has the ability to shoot for the moon and achieve great things! Confidence in themselves starts with positive feelings and support from within. Building a foundation for them to stand on can help them achieve anything in life. Theta Spring hypnosis is here to help them learn tools, techniques, and skills that can help them move through the stressors, challenges, and pressures that life can throw at them in order to succeed to their fullest. 

While children spend countless hours in school learning, nothing is as valuable as the power of a clear, calm, and in control mind. Learning to navigate through situations with ease can be one of the greatest strengths a child can gain. However, these tools are typically not taught in school. 

This is where Theta Spring is here to help!

what happens in a first session

When you and your child come you will be brought back to our office where we will start with a discussion of how the process will work. Alexandra, our staff Hypnotherapist, will spend some time getting to know your child and you and discussing the issue at hand. Work will be kept fun and light. Each question will be formulated for ease of understanding for the child to lessen any frustration in the process. Many times children are unable to identify a feeling and therefore sometimes stories or active role playing of emotions can be utilized. 

Once a plan of action has been determine, a full explanation of what hypnosis is and is not will be provided to the parent, if it hasn't been done so prior to the initial appointment. The child will get to sit in a fun chair that they will get to tilt back or forward and guided through a series of techniques that help the child imagine certain things, scenes, experiences in a positive light in order to create a shift in behaviors. Children are active participants in the hypnotic process, which will last usually 5-15 minutes. If a no-talking Guided Imagination Re-framing session is conducted, it may be recorded for the child to listen to again from the comfort of their own home or utilized as a tool at a later date.

After the Guided Imagination Re-framing a discussion of what the child's experience was will be discussed and little homeworks or things to think about will be considered.

Support between sessions will be provided via email, phone, or text. 


Meet us first

We are committed to making sure parents make the right choice in practitioners that can support their child's development. In order to support a parent's ongoing commitment in the betterment of their child's lives, we always offer a free  consultation either on the phone or in person.

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