Level 5: At this level persons release much of the judging associated with the previous levels, and develop the capacity to avoid labelling people and situations, and they don’t perceive things as needing to be “fixed”. The driving force at this level is “looking for the opportunity” in every circumstance, with a philosophy of “Win/Win.” They experience greater control over their life circumstances and so have greater inner peace and understanding about how life works. Persons at this level are typically very intelligent and are thinkers, but may get carried away and lack emotional awareness. At work they seek a challenge and are great at turning things around, with a focus on “What’s right vs What’s wrong.” They prefer if people help themselves so they can focus on production. In relationships they are eager to grow the synergy to get the most out of it. They communicate well but may become more like a roommate than a romantic partner. Typical feelings are power, confidence, courage and connectedness to others.

CORE THOUGHT:             Reconciliation

CORE EMOTION:              Peace

RESULTING ACTION:       Acceptance

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