Level 7: This is the highest level of available power. At this level persons are totally non-judgemental, and absolutely passionate. They create, observe and experience simultaneously. At work it is evident in genius thinking i.e. spontaneous creation of brilliant ideas. People who operate at this level, tend to be pioneers in creativity and innovation. They are not motivated by reward, and they experience the expression of their genius no differently than a seemingly lesser activity such as say...walking their dog. They are completely passionate about all aspects of life. In relationships they feel intimately connected to everyone and so are less inclined to share their lives with any one individual. If they have a partner they love him/her unconditionally and are completely accepting but may seem aloof and uncaring. Humans cannot be sustained at such a high level of energy e.g. Think of a fan’s blades spinning at the highest speed. At the highest speed you no longer see the blade, as it all blends into one. Similarly Level 7 energy is like the highest speed on the fan, we humans can’t average that level, but we can tap into this level of energy from time to time and experience phenomenal results in our work and personal circumstances.


CORE THOUGHT:            Non-judgement

CORE EMOTION:             Absolute passion


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