Diamond Package

Diamond Package


The ultimate in self care, detox, and weight loss support. This all inclusive package includes the following:

1.     14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit by Burn and Build Body 

2.     Three in-person 60-Minute Detox Support Session  with Alexandra of Theta Spring who will go over the detox with you, and support you in preparing, during, and after the program to allow the detox program to help you build a healthy lifestyle. 
3.     Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program CD or USB by Theta Spring Easy to listen to and follow step by step in 6 areas for successful behavioral shifts that can help you lose weight

4.     Detox Support Program USB Drive by Theta Spring which includes 4 recordings custom made to support you while you detox and unblock any resistance to make the detox as easy as possible!

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