Energize for Exercise

Energize for Exercise


Energize helps you begin to change the way they feel about exercise. It helps you overcome the perception of “being too tired” and “not having time to work out” despite knowing the positive benefits of exercise.

 Purpose of Session:

Energize helps you increase the use of your body through exercise, by creating a greater holistic and all encompassing level of success on the Burn and Building Program. This session works on the following:


Body Energy

Tap into your stored internal energy to invigorate our sense of how good it feels to work out. Working out releases endorphins and causes our bodies to fire up our internal furnace. This in turn creates an overall sense of wellbeing, energy, and increased metabolism. Instead of craving unhealthy foods, we begin to crave the rush of exercise and the release of tension it provides.



With our busy schedules the idea of time becomes an easy excuse for not exercising. Or when we do have time we feel our workouts need to be for extended periods of time, even though our bodies have not been conditioned for such exertion. By starting slow and taking small step towards your goal, you begin to re-associate the idea of time, and squeezing a 20-30 minute workout into our schedules becomes an easily digestible task.



Starting slowly is the key to creating a lasting exercise regimen. By slowly acclimating your mind to working out, you can begin to feel the positive benefits. When you end a workout dreading having to do it again in the next few days, you can build resistance in the mind. By creating a positive associate about working out, you can increase the intensity of the workout as you increase your energy and stamina. 

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