Past Perspectives- Weight Loss

Past Perspectives- Weight Loss


Create a fresh start on your path to healthy living. Let go of past experiences, perspectives, and habits that have caused you to retain unwanted weight. Unblock yourself from moving forward to meeting your goals.


Purpose of Session:

Beginning with a fresh start is the goal of this session. Many people, despite their best efforts to lose weight, will hold onto it as a protection mechanism, as how they are supposed to be, or should be. Just because you are overweight now does not mean you have to be in the future. This session addresses the following areas:


Overriding DNA programming

Many people believe that because their family is overweight that they are supposed to be as well. By breaking down this preconceived notion, and having the body tap into its ability to change, a new image of your future as healthy, energetic and weighing less can begin to manifest.


Weight is not Protection

A variety of people use weight as a protection mechanism. By carrying unwanted weight it can act as a way of deflecting unwanted attention from friends, coworkers, or potential suitors. Thereby making the mind feel safer when attention is drawn away from the body.

 For some people the opposite can occur. Many clients will hold onto weight thinking that it gives them a sense of being pronounced in any social situation. For many business people, the extra weight may mean carrying added authority or power.

 While both of these situations can occur, there comes a time when neither is a healthy alternative. By letting go of these preconceived ideas, you can begin to shed the unwanted weight while gaining increased confidence.


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