Recalibrate Your Weight

Recalibrate Your Weight


Recalibrate: Resetting the Scale

Recalibrate creates a new mental point of ideal weight and clothing size for the body. Beginning to ‘think thin’ helps the mind accept losing weight and shedding pounds with less resistance. 

 Purpose of Session:

Recalibrate works to change the internal image and preconceived weight you have been holding onto.  Despite going on diets, detoxifications, and weight loss programs, many clients state that after a short period of time, and despite their best efforts, they always go back to the SAME weight. Recalibrate resets the subconscious image of yourself and start ‘thinking thin.”  As your subconscious accepts this new set point, it will bring forward new healthy habits that support successful weight loss.


         Reprogramming Your Subconscious

Begin to move away from your existing set point. By having committed to your future, moving away from this old weight becomes easy as we reprogram your subconscious to its new ideal weight or clothing size.


Experience Your New Set Point

Feel the weight beginning to release from  your body as this new set point begins to reprogram every cell, muscle, and part of your body so that you can begin to release the weight easily and without resistance. 


Thinking Thin

By thinking thin, your body will begin to bring forward new habits and behaviors that are in line with its new set point. Pushing away old behaviors and patterns that no longer serve a purpose. 

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