You Are Not Alone Workshop

You Are Not Alone Workshop


This workshop was put together to help young women (ages 18-25) understand that they are not alone in how they feel. Emotions are a part of everyday life. However, sometimes they remove us from our comfort zone causing us to feel like victims to the world we are living in. We tend to feel that we are helpless in creating a sense of control in our lives, which can lead us to feel lonely, isolated, and hopeless. Couple that with learning to be an adult, navigating relationships with significant others, work, school, and friends, life can feel a bit overwhelming.


The purpose of this workshop is to help young women learn about who they are and the strengths they have as they navigate the rocky waters of life. While the world might seem complicated, this workshop hopes to help young women find an inner sense of calmness, strength, and self-love. While the struggles in life never stop, the more you get to know yourself the easier they become to pilot.


Young woman who attend this workshop will come away with a better understanding of:

·      Who they are

·      They are not alone in how they feel

·      How to tolerate any emotion when it comes

·      How to face fears and manage stress

·      Build inner strength through self-love, respect, and independence

·      How to find passion and purpose

·      What intuition is and how to listen to it more

·      The power of the word ‘NO”

·      The difference between ‘Needing’ and ‘Wanting’

·      How to reframe any statement into a powerful one

·      Our inner saboteur/opponent and how to play their game and win

·      Creating new and better coping tools to handle any situation that presents itself

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