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Theta Spring is pleased to offer the following services to their clients.


Subconscious Change & Behavioral Shifts

Hypnosis Sessions

Our hypnosis treatments can help clients understand our behavioral patterns and identify what we want our future to look like. Through the hypnotic process clients can see changes in as little as 1 session.

Initial 75-minute session…..$395
Return 55-Minute Session…$200

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How to navigate stress quickly

Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training starts with an assessment that is filled out that can help you determine how your stress presents in the world and a baseline for the work we will do together utilizing the energy scales. Through this useful teach, clients can diagnose their energetic state and quickly shift their energy to one of higher inner peace and resonance.

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Shift Your Perspective. Change Your Life.

Life Coaching Sessions

Coaching is all about getting you to think differently and create action-oriented tools to help you move forward in your life with more ease and less stress.

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understanding your anxious self

anxiety treatment

Theta Spring works with anxious clients to reduce fear within the mind, thereby, freeing clients to live life as their most confident self. Treatments range from 1-6+ sessions through a combination of hypnosis & coaching.

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experience the wellness weekend

LUXURY Retreats

Theta Spring works with a team of experts to curate luxury wellness retreats to help shift the mind, body and soul. For a list of Luxury Retreats being offered please click HERE



in control of food

weight control hypnosis

Through a series of treatments, Theta Spring, works with clients to create a new relationship with food. Together, clients can reconnect the mind and body to work together to feel in control of food, increased motivation to feel your best, and unlock any blocks relating to moving forward toward your goals. Treatments range from 3-8+

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Corporate Wellness

Team dynamics can be hard. Work can be stressful. Working with a coach or doing group hypnosis can be inspiring. Alexandra has worked with several businesses to help them align, work together, and get inspired. Contact us for additional info and pricing.



create new coping mechanisms and better health

Bad Habits

Whether it’s smoking, nail biting, or another bad habit you are looking to remove, Theta Spring works with clients to go deep into the subconscious mind to release the fear of letting it go, find a new habit that serves you better, and help you feel confident that YOU CAN change.