The Sleep Better Hypnotherapy Program will help you regain control of your ability to sleep quickly, calmly, soundly and deeply throughout the night.  Whether you are laying awake from stress, worry,  or another distraction; your mind and body can be retrained to let go into the dreamland state. By resting the body you can regain your peak performance and feel rested and ready to handle the day ahead feeing calm, relaxed, and in control. 

The program includes the following tracks:

1.   Introduction. Program overview and what to expect

2.   Sleep is Productive.  Tap into your unconscious productivity as you sleep

3.   Sleep is Regenerative.  Rejuvenate the mind and body through a restful night of sleep 

4.   Calm Place.  Relax from the day in your calm place where worries can melt away

5.   Help Falling Asleep.  Retrain your mind and body to what relaxation feels like

Bonus Track
6.   15 Minute Power Nap.  15 minutes helps you recharge your battery