Smoking Cessation

Cigarettes are calming. It's time to understand why. 

Hypnosis for smoking cessation has one of the highest success rates compared to gums, patches, and acupuncture. However, they are a few key factors that must be present for the the success rate of hypnosis to be reached. Clients must come in with a motivation to quit. Without this one key ingredient the chance of success are diminished greatly. Because hypnosis is not a magic bullet, and cannot make you do anything you wouldn't want to, a clients motivation to quit is imperative. While we love that someone wants to quit for their kids, spouse, parent or partner, the greatest success comes from doing it for yourself. 

When treating smoking cessation, clients can expect to work with a hypnotherapist anywhere from 1 to 4+ sessions. Within the first session we will discuss your goals, past attempts to quit, why is now the time for you to quit, and what are the benefits or quitting verse not quitting. We will create a plan and formulate powerful hypnotic suggestions that will aid in you letting go of this old habit. In addition to working on the afore mentioned steps, the following issue may need to be addressed in the first or additional sessions:

  • The fear of what life as a non-smoker will be like (identity)
  • smoking as a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, or an additional underlying issue
  • desensitization of triggers
  • stress management tools

While some clients have a deep desire to quit, for some clients this can elicit a great deal of discomfort. While this is not an inhibitor, it simply means we may adjust the process of quitting to include a preparing to quit phase. This phase allows clients to begin to eliminate cigarettes that are not as significant through a series of techniques provided within the first session, while also building confidence in your ability to quit. 

When clients have successfully quit smoking, an additional recording is sent to them called "reinforcing freedom" which is a tool provided by Theta Spring Hypnosis to help you stay smoke free and healthy after our session. 

While most of the work happens after you leave our office, you are still fully supported by our staff via email with any questions, home works, and access to a library of hypnosis recordings that could help you should additional sessions be needed. 

Key components to successful smoking cessation include:

  • personal desire to quit
  • patience
  • openness to participate
  • being kind to yourself


Our Smoking Cessation Program is also available via our At Home Hypnosis program, which is a UBS drive pre-loaded with several sessions to help you be smoke-free! 




Cigarettes are filled with chemical stimulants. What relaxes you is the deep breath from inhaling the smoke. It’s why we say ‘take a deep breath.’ Imagine the same soothing feeling, without the chemicals.