Our At Home Program series

Our At Home hypnotherapy programs have been formulated to help you create change fro the comfort of your own home. These customized collections of recordings are delivered to you on a beautiful Wafer USB drive where they can be loaded to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Confidence Building Recordings

Boost your confidence and find your inner strength in your personal life or in the workplace

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Relationship Recordings

Whether you are moving past them or entering into one these can help!


Weight Loss Recordings


Anxiety & Relaxation

These recordings have been formulated to help you relax, alleviate stress, and clear your mind so you can be calm, relaxed, and in control to enjoy the present of each moment!

Smoking Cessation

Whether you are looking to limit your intake or quit completely, these recordings can help

Health and Self-Improvement


Future Moms and Moms to Be

Sleep Enhancement