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INSOMNIA has been a source of stress for as long as I can remember. Medications, caffeine elimination, lavender, dark rooms- I’ve tried it all and it wasn’t until I started seeing Alexandra for hypnotherapy that I understood insomnia or was able to treat the condition. Her approach is professional yet soothing and within one session I was sleeping better than I had in years. Ongoing treatment has completely resolved this issue for me I felt that I need to share this review for anyone considering hypnotherapy and Theta Spring.
— Margaret, February 4, 2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexandra! She goes above and beyond for her clients and is so easy to talk to and be honest with.

I began going to Alexandra for my phobia of needles which she helped me conquer - then continued using her to help correct other habits I wanted to work on. She is the best!
— Robyn, February 9, 2015
I wanted to share some of my most positive feedback and thoughts from my first initial session with Alexandra, which have all been amazing. I was so surprised at how extremely relaxed I was after our first session, how helpful the emotional release recording has been that she provided to me and also how beneficial and helpful the session seemed to have been overall. I felt like a weight was lifted immediately and have continued to feel this way everyday. The session was very eye opening at how harmful keeping in certain memories can be even if it was from years ago because these memories & experiences (although from a long time ago) have shaped certain unfavorable reactions in the present for me. It made complete sense how she compared hypnotherapy to shaking up the settled dirt and getting the bubbles out (and where hypnotherapy came into play is that it seemed to release bubbles you didn’t know you had which is very interesting to me). I’m truly amazed at how well our first session worked, it definitely released something in me that was causing a lot of angst and anger. Alexandra is lovely, wonderful - a truly great person, very professional and connects extremely quickly which make her sessions that much more effective. Highly recommend her!
— Alana November 1, 2015
I had an appointment with Alexandra two weeks ago.
I’m in the process of starting a business and I wanted to address issues that have held me back in the past so I do not sabotage my new venture instead of working towards achieving my goals and supporting my partner.

The office is peaceful and Alex is intelligent, kind and effective.

Opening up about some of my sorest inner spots to someone I just met is not something I thought I could do easily but I didn’t feel judged. Alex took her time and kept pushing to get to the root of what was keeping me back as well as the real why before she put me under. She really wanted to understand my fears, my motivators and how my mind worked so she could formulate the right message to change my behavior. We pinpointed fear of rejection as the main culprit for keeping me from reaching out to people who could be beneficial to my business.

Being hypnotized felt effortless and the best way to describe it is that relaxing feeling before you fall asleep completely. I was aware at all times and I felt almost weightless. Coming out was easy, I felt rested and energized. We reviewed my experience and talked about working further.

Instantaneously I felt like a huge weight I wasn’t even aware of lifted off of me. I felt sure of myself, confident and focused.
I wanted to wait some time before writing the review to see if it was a temporary feeling or it would last. I’ve actually gotten more and more sure of myself. It’s been helping me in my day job as well. I’m more assertive and decisive.

I was very skeptical about being able to be helped with issues I’ve lived with for my entire life and I am so surprised that hypnosis worked for me better than I was able to imagine. I’m amazed at how easy it is to talk to people now without overthinking or second guessing myself. I feel very empowered.

I learned a lot from Alex, I highly recommend her and I am looking into booking another appointment soon to work on other things I’d like to understand about myself and to change for the better.
— Elizabeth s. November 1, 2015
I went to see Alexandra once, and I want to say I left her office elated and so peaceful! I know that I could do this! I saw her for smoking.

I felt very good and like a weight had been lifted from my back. I am thinking of seeing her again for weight loss therapy.

I have seen other hypnotist, but none like Alexandra. She really cares and tries to help you in whatever your needs are.

thanks so much
— Lali A., July 3, 2015
This is my first time writing a review on Yelp and I created the account just for Alexandra. I was suffering with crazy anxiety and panic attacks over food allergy related issues for several months. I had been to a psychologist, gotten medication to use in severe circumstances, read a ton of books...still, I felt myself losing my mind.

One day I came across hypnotherapy and decided you know what- why not. Yes, it is costly. Yes, I felt a little silly at times. I strongly believe this isn’t something for everyone. But if you’re one of the lucky ones to benefit, it will change your life.

Immediately after the first session (I have had two so far and one more tomorrow!), I remember thinking, “Okay...I just feel a little out of it. Nothing changed.” And then I went home. I would usually get panic attacks on the subway. For the first time in months, I felt so CALM. It was an incredible feeling to be able to feel a difference in myself. This was something I could not have done on my own. Like many with panic attacks, I would do everything to try and change my thoughts. Somehow, it truly seemed as my subconscious changed.

Since then, I have been less anxious. It is still there but there is a HUGE improvement in my life. I didn’t expect this to cure me - I just needed some help in feeling like myself again and that’s exactly what it did. I don’t know if it’s all hypnotherapy that would have helped or it was Alexandra specifically that helped me but regardless, Alexandra follows up and seems to care. She is extremely pleasant and worth every penny.

— Lior, December 17, 2015
I very rarely write reviews on yelp but I found the need to write one about Theta Springs and a therapist there, Alexandra Janelli. Upon walking in she makes you feel incredibly welcomed and has a easing quality about her. Alexandra was very attentive and listened to everything I had to say while giving her view when it was only needed. She was very easy to talk to and the dialogue was if I was talking to a close friend. After the session I felt more at ease and had less clutter surrounding my mind.

I would suggest everyone to go and see Alexandra. Even if you are skeptical and unsure, there isn’t anything you have to loose by trying this experience. I will definitely be going back.
— Kyle N, February 9, 2015
While deliberating the concept of hypnotherapy I was reminded that ‘he who looks outside, dreams; he who looks within, awakens’. Armed with such eloquent and sagely advice, I decided to commit myself to exploring the medium far more seriously as a means of tackling, and hopefully resolving, a troublesome personal matter. But to whom to turn? An initial search on Google produced, handily, repeat references to Alexandra Janelli, and, hearteningly, myriad glowing reviews and statements replete with comforting adjectives such as ‘warm’, ‘compassionate’, and ‘caring’. A fine start, but with fears of emerging from the experience in a state akin to that of Jason Bourne, I knew that, prior to embarking on this process, I was going to have to read these reviews carefully and evaluate the numerous sample videos on the Theta Spring Hypnosis website, including what turned out to be an engrossing 60-minute university lecture. The research endeavour proved positive and satisfying, and so, with the required reassurance in hand, and perhaps now with more than a healthy sense of curiosity, I wrote to Ms Janelli to set up an initial 90-minute consultation. Her reply was timely, courteous, and encouraging, and consequently we arranged what was to be the first of three sessions at her serene office space on West 27 Street. My first thought on meeting and talking to her was that she lived up to her billing, balancing, laudably, professional formality with convivial humanitarianism—no easy task. Her sensitive and mature approach to the topic under review and the insightfulness and scope of her questioning served to distillate and frame uniquely the issue. Approximately 60 minutes later, with the bulk of the fundamentals pinpointed and dissected, the session moved into a practical stage: the application of hypnotherapy. With still substantial intrigue, but rapidly diminishing bravado, I settled into the reclining chair, selected a spot on the wall on which to concentrate, and quickly descended into a remarkably deep, tranquil, and semi-conscious state of being. The experience was extraordinary, powerful, and, frankly, rich and rewarding, seemingly achieving the desired outcome, perhaps in part because of two repeat (consolidation) sessions. In summation, I cannot imagine a better person than Ms Janelli to facilitate and marshal the process and I cannot envision someone not finding value in the procedure.
— Rick, October 17, 2014
Alexandra pretty much made me quit smoking in 1.5 hours!
I am down to 1-3 cigs a day instead of a whole pack!
The 1-3 cigs I smoke a day do not even satisfy me and I think its just the routine I am used to since I’ve been smoking for so long. I am thinking about going in for a shorter second session so I can cut these 3 cigs out of my life for good :)
I would recommend you visit Alexandra if you are serious about quitting. If you are nervous or scared about hypnosis don’t be... what you should really be scared of is cancer and all the other health problems that come with smoking.
Just go!!!
— Anton A. March 24, 2014
I had an amazing experience from the moment I walked in the door - the space was beautiful. I was beyond nervous but Alexandra did a great job of making me feel calm. She also did an excellent job of pinpointing what I could work on and tailoring the session to my personal needs. The hypnosis itself was amazingly calming and relaxing. I felt immediate results that have lasted. I couldn’t recommend Theta Spring Hypnosis more! To hear a full review you can listen to my radio/podcast show where I go into more detail about experience: goo.gl/Ml5Fpb
— Ashley V. February 28, 2014
Sessions with Alexandra are a unique experience. It’s so easy to be relaxed and open with her. Her way of being is very compassionate, an amazing listener and non judgmental. She truly hears you and that per se can be so healing.
I love that she is very good at nailing my blindspots and patterns that keep me back.
I’ve had progress from 3 sessions and intend to come for more.
Also, the session is like an injection of calm. I feel very grounded and at peace after. My self-talk really quiets down. And after our first session I had the most restful sleep I could remember in years.
— Anonymous February 7, 2014
Alexandra is warm and friendly. She truly listened to all my concerns and to what I was trying to achieve. I do see a difference in myself. I wanted more confidence at work. Right after the hypnosis I went on vacation but I will return to work soon and I am so ready!! I have a positive mind set and I have been listening to the session recording a few times to reinforce her work. I recommend that everyone gets a copy of their recorded session so you can listen to it afterwards and strenghten the hypnosis.
— Sandy December 30, 2013
Great agile and flexible approach. I do not respond to imagery so Alexandra adapted the session. I particularly like the fact you take home a recording to continue strengthening the programming.
— Raj September 23, 2013
I *love* Alexandra. I have gone to see her 2 times already (each visit was about 3 weeks apart. I purposely waited a little while just to see if the benefits of hypnotherapy lasted beyond a day or 2. I have to admit, I was skeptical for 2 reasons: 1. the reviews here were fantastic but vague as to how long the benefits of hypnotherapy lasted; & 2. There were a lot of reviews by nail biters/smokers. As a lady with “daddy issues,” I didn’t know if Alex would be able to help me work out some of my issues. After reading up on how psychotherapy doesn’t work on everyone, I decided to throw caution to the wind, keep an open mind and go see Alex.... Well, THANK GOD I saw her. I am going to see her for my 3rd session soon and I can’t wait. Thanks to her, I have made tremendous progress (after each session) in overcoming fear of abandonment issues. She gave me the mental tools to be able to create my own destiny and battle my insecurities head on. I am indebted to her for this! Don’t hesitate to see her, she is well worth it.
— Linda September 25, 2013
I really enjoyed working with Alexandra. She’s compassionate and helpful, and it was easy for me to trust her and open up to her.
— R.B. August 9, 2013
I don’t normally write reviews, but I definitely feel compelled to do so after my great session with Alexandra.

I went to Alexandra because I’d been preparing for a professional exam, and I was having major anxiety during taking practice exams. I felt this was holding me back from performing at my optimal level. What I loved about working with Alexandra was that she spent a significant amount of time just talking to me - first explaining the process, and second, really trying to understand me and the issue at hand. She definitely was not applying some generic hypnosis scheme on me, and she is very articulate and intelligent.

I’m very pleased after my first session. Alexandra sent me a recording of our session, and I listened to it before my next practice test. I received my highest score ever - 70 points higher than a test I took 1 week before. Definitely pleased and will go again to address any problems I might have. The mind is a powerful thing, in my opinion, and trying to remedy a struggle in a way other than using medicine is something to be considered (coming from someone who used to take anxiety medication).
— Lin P. June 3, 2013
I had been struggling with sleep issues for over a year. After one hypnotherapy session with Alexandra, I slept through the night - not only that night, but every night since then.

Alexandra is a skilled and professional hypnotherapist as well as a warm and compassionate person. She will make you feel comfortable during sessions; she will also inspire you to believe that you CAN resolve whatever problem you are dealing with; best of all, she will help you get the results you need quickly.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Alexandra and encourage you to book an appointment with her as soon as you can. Why suffer when you can end your struggle comfortably and quickly?
— Mindy. August 9, 2013
I was very pleased with my experience at Theta Spring. My hypnosis treatment has made an incredible difference in life. I feel that through caring and patience my therapist was able to get to the root of the problem that I was struggling with. I highly recommend this facility.
— Eileen. July 27, 2013
Great experience - Alexandra helped me a lot, just in one visit. She is warm, professional and knows how to use a variety of techniques to reach your goal.
— Dr. NF. June 30, 2013
Alexandra is AMAZING!!!

She’s given me a new life!
— Tracy J. June 27, 2013
I’ll admit that I was as skeptical as they come about hypnosis before meeting Alexandra. I really like her though, and trust her, so I figured it was worth giving a try! Alexandra makes you feel safe and calm and walks you through every step of the process. She tailors the session around your specific needs. We identified one underlying block that was affecting me in numerous aspects of my life and went to work. I was astounded to see results from our work as soon as a few hours later! I will definitely be referring people I care about to her for help with anything from anxiety and stress to weight loss, to relationship and communication issues. Be open minded and give it a try! You will be so glad you did.
— Megan B. June 4, 2013
My first time to try hypnosis. Alexandra is very nice! Helpful session for me, so far so good. I did see some result. I don’t mind going back for another session next time. Overall worth the time and money spent.
— Teresa. June 24, 2013
Alexandra is simply amazing.

She has really been a tremendous support in my emotional and spiritual growth.

I came to Alexandra after a friend told me how she cured him of his lifelong nail biting habit. Prior I had tried talk therapy for a while, but left unsatisfied. So I decided to give hypnotherapy a shot. Alexandra is a very warm, gentle, and non-judgmental soul who immediately puts you at ease when you enter her office. At first I was skeptical of the efficacy of hypnosis, but after multiple sessions I must say this stuff really works. Alexandra demystifies the whole process for you.

It’s exactly the opposite of what you expect growing up on cheesy images of magicians hypnotizing audience members on stage. My experience has been one of hyperawareness of body and mind during hypnosis, which is very similar to a meditative state. I’ve had some profound experiences and insights during my most recent sessions that have provided me with a lot of growth, healing, and closure. Recently I’ll be going about my day and old memories from childhood, for instance, will just pop into my mind and I can see how they might be at the root of this or that fear. Through her hypnotherapy, I’ve been able to release a lot of suppressed emotion and have become much more conscious of my mental mechanics. I’m constantly surprised how intuitive and spot-on she is in pinpointing the source of whatever fear or false perception we’re working on comes from and then helping me take its power away. And the best part is that the sessions are long (60-90 minutes) and affordable!

Go to Alexandra with an open mind and willingness to heal and you will not be disappointed.

I can’t recommend her more highly!
— Jake S. June 19, 2013
I have had 3 sessions with Alexandra and I definitely notice a change. I came to her anxiety ridden, confused and frustrated with many elements in my life. I had never done any kind of therapy before, but I was looking for something effective without the heavy price tag of therapy. I think I found it :D

Thanks Alex!
— Anonymous. June 13, 2013
It is a very relaxing and positive experience. Alex is wonderful! I love having the recorded session to continue to make progress against my goals.
— Anonymous. May 28, 2013
I knew I had to wait a while before I wrote this review. Just like everyone else, my connection to Alexandra was instantly enjoyable. I have nothing but the best things to say about her, her keen insight on my goals, and the ease I felt at the sessions. But what good is a review with this kind of service just one day after a session?

So... it’s been a few weeks since I have seen her, and I did go to her twice (a few weeks apart), for two different reasons. Both of these sessions worked instantly, pretty much since the very minute I walked out of her office. All the things I have wanted to change I have and there is an new sense of ease and confidence to accompany it.

It’s not magic or cryptic — the way Alexandra explains how hypnotherapy works makes sense. She will email your recorded session to you if you want, which I highly recommend. Seriously — if there is anything you have ever wanted to work on, and really struggled to move yourself forward with it, just sign up with her immediately. Worth every penny, times 10.
— Breonna R. May 16, 2013
The environment was very soothing. My experience with Alexandra was easy and I didn’t feel judged. She made me feel calm, relaxed, and hopeful that hypnotherapy was the right approach to kicking my ‘bad habit’!
— Anonymous. May 16, 2013
Alexandra helped me understand the true root of my sleep issue and her recordings have comepletly shifted my mindset. Her approach is not only professional but also persoanlized and effective. I will be a client for life!
— Gretta. April 24, 2013
Excellent hypnotist left feeling relaxed and like a new person. I highly recommend.
— Anonymous March 27, 2013
Alexandra Janelli is a gem. She is talented as a hypnosis therapist and as opposed to many practicians in the medical/para-medical field, she actually cares for her patients! My sessions with her are focused on weight loss issues. She is a great listener and very creative in her way of addressing the issues to correct. I have just had a few sessions with her and already feel the benefits of her/our work. I am much less stressed out about the long weight loss process. My cravings are gone and they were one of the primary items which would sabotage my efforts. I started just a short while ago and I know the road will be long but thanks to Alexandra I know I will reach my goal. I highly recommend Alexandra Janelli!
— Valerie. March 15, 2013
I met Alexandra through a very good friend of mine and we instantly hit it off! She suggested that I do a hypnotherapy session with her to resolve my nail-biting habit - a habit from my childhood that I just couldn’t kick permanently! When she let me in on the fact that 88% of our behavior is governed by the unconscious, I realized that these “habits” are really hard to break without some kind of intervention. I figured I had nothing to lose! We had an amazing session together. Alexandra is super professional, completely non-judgmental and makes you feel really comfortable. She took the time to understand my issues and the root cause and addressed them thoroughly. There was a definite shift for me and I have not bitten my nails since. That was January 31st! Amazing! If you need help with any chronic issues, then I highly recommend seeing Alexandra. She is very good at what she does and will certainly help you.
— Nicole. March 14, 2013
“It was more than I expected. She was patient with me, allowed me to say what I needed to say. She put me at ease immediately. I did not feel, and I was not, rushed for time. The people out front were friendly. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.
— Gregory, February 25, 2013
Everyone should try this and experience first hand the benefits of hypnotherapy. Alexandra made feel so comfortable with her personalized approach. In one short hour I felt more relaxed, more focused and ready to take on the world. But don’t stop there. The more sessions, the stronger the impact. It’s fun to explore all of the areas where therapy can help. Go see her!
— Jennifer, February 25, 2013
I had my initial session with Alexandra, and was amazed at how much can be accomplished in one visit. I am planning return visits, but couldn’t wait to write a positive review based on our first encounter. She made me feel more relaxed, and in control, than I had been in a long time. I highly recommend trying Theta Spring.
— Joshua, January 31, 2013
Alexandra was great!! Very professional, informative, patient and friendly!! Alexandra’s genuine willingness to help showed through!! Thank you, Alexandra!!! I will recommend you to any of my patient that could benefit from your service in overcoming dental phobia!!!
— Anonymous, January 30, 2013
I had no idea what to expect with hypnotherapy but had heard a lot about it. Alexandra was warm, professional, grounded, and very knowledgable about what she does. She is clearly passionate about her work and is able to explain it in a way that makes sense and is very clear. I had an incredible session with her and felt more relaxed and clear than I have felt in a very long time. I can’t stop recommending her to friends and yoga clients!
— Andrea, January 28, 2013
Alexandra is an amazing woman. Smart and knowledgeable.
— Carol, January 27, 2013
I met Alexandra when I was living in New York a few years ago. I had been trying (unsuccessfully) to quit smoking and kept seeing ads about hypnosis, and immediately thought of Alexandra. I now live in Europe and wouldn’t be able to attend a session in person, but she told me that sessions via Skype were just as effective. In fact, I think I might even prefer the Skype sessions - it feels more private, and you can do it in the comfort of your home. We had a great session, and I felt like a new person afterwards - I felt like a non-smoker. I almost feel like I cheated - shouldn’t it be harder to quit smoking?! Well not with Theta Springs Hypnosis, I guess! I’ve tried to quit so many times, but this time it feels real and permanent. It’s been a few weeks, and I don’t even think about cigarettes. Alexandra’s professional manner and kind spirit make her an easy person to speak to. She’ll put you at ease immediately and dispel any false conceptions you may have of hypnosis! If you’re not in the New York area, don’t hesitate to try Theta Springs Hypnosis. Skype sessions with Alexandra are a great way to achieve your goals without having to go anywhere!
— Krysten, January 26, 2013
Alexandra is very welcoming and asked very good questions. We got right to my goals and what works for me. It was an enlighting conversation. The hypnosis was very comforting. Alexandra guided me though some visualizations and reinforced the path to my goals. She emphasizes that I already possess the tools I need to get to where I want to be and I feel the sessions will help me get out of my way. I will be coming back for more positive reinforcement!
— Lauren, January 27, 2013
I wasn’t a believer, now I am!!!! Alexandra made me feel so welcomed. she understood right away, what I needed help in,and reviewed ever bit of it with me.the hypnosis part,was the best part if it.i felt like i was home relaxing on my comfortable bed.your time with Alexandra will be worth your wild.i can’t wait for my next session :)
— Reinaldo L., January 15, 2013
All I can say is wow. I really enjoy my sessions with Alexandra. She has opened my mind to new possibilities. I’m not one to jump in head first but after a second session I see myself opening up in a way I had forgotten possible. It’s a process and I can see how with a little time and effort you can find what you really want to work on. Alexandra is extremely well versed in this subject and I feel confident moving forward with her. Thank you Alexis I look forward in our next sessions and working towards my ultimate goal.
— Sandro, January 15, 2013
I always thought Hpnosis was like, “Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy” but my session with Alexandra Janelli wasn’t like that AT ALL. In fact it was one of the most relaxing and peaceful experiences I’ve had and I got some amazingly powerful visualizations from it. It’s funny how when you let go of preconceived notions and expectations about what you THINK something is like, that you get results that are even better than you hoped. I would TOTALLY recommend working with Alex and try Hypnotherapy for yourself. It’s well worth taking a step into the unknown to see what you might get.
— Bradford, November 1, 2012
I tried hypnotherapy for the first time! Wanted to work on my minor anxiety that I have time to time. I was too nervous about the whole process. Thought I was going to come out “crazy” with a stereotypical notion that the therapist has every control of you. LOL That was just a myth or only happens in the movies. In fact, you have every control of you. I’ve had the most relaxing 1 hr and realized I never relax period. I went in there with open mind and I am much calmer and had the best sleep in two months! If you ever wanted to try hypnotherapy, I truly recommend Theta Spring. Alexandra’s soothing voice just melts you into relaxation and help you re-find your inner strength.
— Hooliana C., December 4, 2012
My experience was great! I came in very depressed about a situation in my life. I was so depressed to the point where I could not stop crying over it thereby impacting on my daily functioning. I left a different person. It’s been about a week and i have not cried since.
— Yajaira, October 25, 2012
When I first met Alexandra I had not stepped foot in a plane in 8 years. I had missed my brothers wedding and had taken to using the GREYHOUND to get around. I couldn’t even go on a European honeymoon because my fear was so crippling. I met with Alex first to just learn more about hypnosis since I had never tried it and didn’t know much about it at all. She was excellent in answering all my questions and explaining the process, expectations, etc. After our first conversation I felt very encouraged and immediately wanted to set up an appointment. What followed were multiple sessions where we discussed different techniques to help me cope with my anxiety and visualize my next successful flight. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the sessions and how confident I became with understanding my fear and ways I was beginning to control it and not have it control me. Alex helped me to conquer a fear that has honestly changed my life. I feel free for the first time in a long time when it comes to being able to travel and live without being afraid. I have now successfully been on over 8 flights in less than 6 months and am planning another trip this weekend. I will think of Alex each time I get on a plane and thank her for helping me to face my fear and anxiety with the tools she gave me to conquer them!!!
— Alex L., August 28, 2012
Very relaxing! I want to come back for another session.
— Liz W., October 12, 2012
I had been recommended Alexandra by a friend and was not sure what to expect as I wasn’t too sold on hypnotherapy. I went to her for help with eating smaller portions and pacing myself throughout a meal. I was amazed at how quickly she put me at ease! I loved the feeling of relaxation when i was under hypnosis and that i was aware of everything going on.

I had great results after my first session and found it much easier to eat smaller portion and leave food on my plate once i was full. After two weeks i felt i was having some relapses so went back to Alexandra another time and have felt that it helped me a lot and things have been going well ever since!
— Paula R., August 27, 2012
I use Yelp all of the time and I have never once contributed by writing a review. Well, I feel compelled to do so now. I just came from my first session with Alexandra and I feel a sense of calm I don’t think i have ever felt. It was truly life changing and it only took 90 minutes which is pretty impressive if you ask me. She makes it easy, you feel comfortable and you get the sense that she gets you and it. Everything is explained before hand and you trust her. I’d never been hypnotized before and I am so thankful i was open to try it. I cannot recommend this enough.
— Jamie G., August 2, 2012
My name is Renata and I’m a Brazilian exchange student and I met Alexandra about one year ago. Her hypnotherapy was the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to suffer from extreme anxiety and one of my symptoms was a strong cough that made people think I was ill the whole time - I felt really ashamed. I also used to have insomnia and it was really hard for me to feel calm and relaxed. During years I’ve tried different treatments. From prescribed medicines to homeopathy. These treatments alleviated my symptoms in the beginning but after a few weeks they lost effect and I needed to start looking after another treatment again. Everything changed when I met Alexandra. She is a great professional. She demystified the whole process of hypnosis. I had a completely wrong idea of what it really was. She makes us feel really comfortable, and after my first session I already started to feel results. After each session, I felt a great interior peace. After having some sessions with her I literally stopped coughing. I don’t feel ashamed anymore, my stress level is really low compared to before and I feel more confident about myself. I definitely encourage everyone to try at least once a session with her. You won’t regret it
— Renata, June 11, 2012
I had been smoking for over 15 years when a friend’s health problems prompted me to try to quit, for good this time. I was not a heavy smoker, but the last time I tried to quit a few years ago, the cravings and the mood swings were almost intolerable (for me and others around me). I decided to give hypnosis a try, because the smoking cessation drug’s potential side effects really scared me. Had I known how easy quitting by hypnosis was going to be, I would have done it much sooner. I still thought about cigarettes habitually for a couple of weeks (at times when I would normally smoke), but the craving simply was not there. Now, over a month later, I am so pleased to be feeling healthier, prettier and smelling better than I have in a very long time. Best decision and the smartest investment I have ever made!
— Anonymous, May 14, 2012
Alexandra was very professional and made sure that I was comfortable in all settings. I had a one-on-one meeting with her, a hypnosis session with one other person, and a group setting session and in all three I was extremely relaxed and was able to take advantage of the material. She was very knowledgeable about her field and was able to tailor the information to my own needs.
— Alma, May 12, 2012
As a first-timer, I was impressed with how professional Alexandra was throughout the entire session. Starting with an explanation of the process, what I should expect both during the session as well as the results that I should notice afterwards, and most importantly, how to look for them. I noticed a few changes immediately, mainly in the area of an elevated mood and not taking things so seriously. There were some other things that happened even a month later with a noticeable improvement in overall well-being and self esteem. I have definitely noticed some benefits.
— Bill, April 26, 2012
I had always been skeptical of the benefits of hypnotherapy, and was therefore hesitant to attend my first test session with Alexandra. But, after a few conversations with her where she espoused its benefits but more importantly demystified the whole process, I decided to partak. Alexandra was very professional and attentive to any questions / concerns I had. She took to the time to thoroughly explain not only her therapy approach but also what I should expect during and after the session. I was very comfortable in her office and she really put me at ease. The overall experience was very relaxing, and I truly believed I gain an improved sense of self awareness and relaxation that I can take advantage of in my personal and professional exploits. In fact, I even went back for a follow-up session. I highly recommend Alexandra and hypnotherapy to anyone. It is a form of therapy that is worth at least trying out if only once, and Alexandra is an ideal candidate for a first (or return) consultation. I am excited to see where she takes her practice as continues to develop her expertise!
— Christopher. October, 27, 2011
I had my first session with Alexandra this past weekend while visiting a friend who turned me on to her. I had had a hypno session in the past and never really felt any different. After just one session I have to say I felt a sense of clam I haven’t felt in a while. Maybe it was just Alexandra herself - she is young petite professional with a cute lisp that made me focused while she spoke to me. I really liked her explanation of hypno and how to benefit from it. You can tell she is very well trained And dedicated I also got a handwriting analysis done. If nothing else this was really cool And pretty much right on the money. If I ever go back I will look her up again or if she comes to ny I will be seeing her for sure!
— Nicole. December 1, 2011
I went to Alexandra on a whim after hearing about her hynotherapy sessions from a friend. Not having done anything like this before, I had an open mind going into my first session. Alexandra took the time to explain upfront the mechanics behind hypnotherapy and what our sessions would consist of. She also spent a lot of time understanding what I wanted to get out of hypnosis. I had three sessions over the span of a month and always felt incredibly relaxed and calm after each session. Hypnosis is not at all like what you see on TV and in movies. Instead, I felt like it gave me tools to better deal with stress rather than “hypnotizing” me into being a certain way. If you need help with relaxation, dealing with stress or similar issues I would highly recommend you try hypnotherapy with Alexandra!
— Eva. January 16, 2012
Alex is awesome and very professional. The ambience in her office is very comfortable and makes you feel relax since the very beginning. She has the ability; by the way she speaks, to make you feel calm down, in a way you can be able to connect with you inner side and loosen up and not in a way where you feel like you are trying. She is a great listener which in my opinion is a talent that any professional in this area most posses. I started treating with her to manage my eating habits and weight loss and she’s really good. I’m now much more aware of what I’m eating and feel in control. I absolutely have seen results with all the techniques she have shared with me.I absolutely recommend her!
— Coral. October 27, 2011
As a first time user of hypnosis, I didn’t know what to expect. However, Theta Spring Hypnosis explained to me what hypnosis is and what kind of effects it would have on me, which made me feel very comfortable. After my first session, I felt amazing! Though I did not have a specific goal for my treatment (i.e. breaking habits), it made me feel incredibly calm and released any tension that I was feeling. I definitely suggest Theta Spring Hypnosis to anyone who is feeling stressed, needing to improve themselves, or simply wanting to feel relaxed. I can’t wait until my next session!
— Elizabeth. October 23, 2011
I have had problems with sleeping for the last 15 years and hypnosis with Alexandra has made it much easier for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. At first I was very skeptical about hypnosis and its ability to work on me. However I was pleasantly surprised and results occurred after the first session. Not only did she provide an environment in which I felt comfortable in but was able to give me techniques to utilize out of the office to help me fall asleep. Techniques varied from visualization to doing a mini self hypnosis. After Alex helped me fall asleep we tackled why I was having a hard time staying asleep. This was a result of anxiety and over thinking issues. Besides frequent sessions she has been very active in following up to see how I have been progressing and offers very helpful suggestion. I highly recommend Alex to help with any issues that you may think could be dealt with by more traditional means.
— Scottie. December 1, 2011
I had always been skeptical about hypnotherapy but a big believer in alternative forms of therapy so when I heard about Theta Spring Hypnosis, I thought - why not try it. The owner, Alexandra, explained how it works, what to expect, what not to expect, and how different people respond to hypnotherapy. At first, I laughed but then I let myself go and really enjoyed the experience. Alexandra’s voice is very soothing and comforting. At the end of each of my 4 sessions, I left feeling light, peaceful and not stressed - amazing given I’m a lawyer. The most beneficial part of the experience was interacting with Alexandra - there is something about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever and you can tell her anything/everything. If you have something you want to work on - be it weight loss, addictive behavior, sleep deprivation - she is the one you want to work with.
— Tiffany. November 5, 2011
I walked into my session a total non-believer, but Alex was so great to talk to that I figured I would give it a try. She first walked me through what exactly hypnosis was and how I would be most responsive to the method. It totally worked! While I wasn’t trying to treat anything specific, I fell into an immense state of calm and was amazed with how easily she was able to bring me in and out of hypnosis. I would definitely to treat something specific.
— Julia. October 25, 2011