Weight Loss

Let's start with clarifying one key part of the process: hypnosis doesn't make you lose weight; it helps you shift your behaviors that will then cause you to lose weight. Behavior is everything when it comes to long term and sustainable weight loss!

Many clients who have been on several diets, cleanses, programs, or even seen nutritionist to change their eating pattern can be very discouraged and come in with a fear "that maybe I will never lose the weight." One of the key ingredients to weight loss is helping clients undo what they have been taught to enter into a whole new way of doing this. Patience is imperative. Most clients who enter into behavioral shifting and sustainable life changing patterns with hypnosis will see results. However, these results do not happen with significant chunks of weight being released. This is because we are looking to make sustainable changes in a progressive and slow manner so they weight comes off and stays off. This can be rather discouraging to clients at first.

Hypnosis for weight loss, similar to any treatment is a process. Its one that does require effort both in and out of session. However, we are tapping deep into your subconscious mind, where your past associations live about food, eating, and diets to create powerful changes. Because food is an integral part of our life and we do need food to survive, there are many layers that need to be addressed when working in a full hypnotherapy weight loss program. However, some clients may elect to choose only certain aspects to work on too with their therapist. 

While hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything you wouldn't want to, goal setting and simplified weekly actions are imperative between sessions. We work to help create very specific actions that you can focus on each week that when accomplished can raise confidence and boost motivation. As you continue we keep adding new awarenesses, things to think about, and fill your toolbox with several new empowering tools for success. 

With our program we work with clients in the following areas:

  • Goals: Identifying my future self- live them and be them
  • Building confidence
  • Guilt eating and emotional eating
  • curb cravings
  • reconnecting the mind and stomach to listen to "full" signals
  • Meal frequency
  • Stress and anxiety management tools
  • how to be kinder to yourself
  • building self love and appreciation
  • Patience
  • removing past traumatic experiences
  • building new and healthier relationship with the idea of food
  • remove any fear of foods placed by "fad diets" and what we are "supposed to eat"
  • increase drive and motivation
  • gym motivation

Clients looking to work with hypnosis for weight loss can expect seeing the hypnotist for several sessions over a longer period of time. These sessions will be placed within a week to 10 days of each other for the first month and then spread out based on the support needed of each particular client. While this is not a QUICK FIX to drop the weight, clients can see great results through shifted actions right away.